W8 8-function biodegradable multi-purpose lubricant: releasing, protective, lubricating, water-repelling, dielectric, antifreeze, degreasing, anticorrosive. W8 performs all 8 functions separately or altogether, therefore it is essential to restore functionality of any object: workshops, at home, garages, gardens, marine sector or wherever there is a blocked mechanism. 360° dispenser valve available in the 400 ml format. Does not contain trichloroethylene. Military specification product: MIL-C-23411 MIL-C-16173 DEF STAN 68-10/2 NATO C-634.


Code Description Pieces
81710/04W8 W8 400 ml 12
81710/05W8 W8 500 ml 12
81710/04W8D W8 DISPLAY 400 ml 1
81710/W8BOX W8 PALL BOX (60 pz) 1
00021 W8 JET SPRAY Tastino 6
00022 W8 EXPO MIX 1
81710/02W8 W8 200 ml 12
81710/04W8DJ W8 DISPLAY con Jet spray 400 ml 1
81750/01W8 W8 1 lt 15
81750/05W8 W8 5 lt 4
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