ANCHOR Dual component styrene-free Polyester Resin, ideal for strong grip anchorages for medium-heavy fixing. Excellent mechanical properties and lack of expansion tension enables secure attachment in a vast variety of application conditions, on both compact and perforated base material, using the special grid anchor for the latter. Being absolutely styrene free, it is also easy to use in closed environments. It does not need pre-mixing because the resin and hardener are only mixed as the product is extruded from the special mixer nozzle. Application: apply ANCHOR 300 ml with normal silicone guns. Partially used cartridges can be kept for later use if the instructions below are followed:

Remove the cartridge from the gun;

Remove the mixer nozzle (cannot be re-used);

Clean any remaining resin from the outlet holes of the cartridge and replace the screw-on cap.

Keep the product in a cool, dry place, between +5°C and +30°C.

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