Woodstuc is a specific putty for wood, ideal to quickly and permanently repair holes, cracks and marks left by chips. Dries quickly without shrinking and perfectly adheres to surfaces. Can be sand-papered, planed, painted over, etc. Woodstuc is a special paste made with carbonates, earth colours and resins.
Ideal to recreate missing parts on all wooden surfaces and structures. Adheres and perfectly bonds with all surfaces. Forms a single hard surface that is resistant and durable. Available in various wood colours. One application is usually enough to repair the surface. Several coats are however recommended for deep.  


Code Description Pieces
63450/30 WO450 WOODSTUC DOUGLAS 0,50 kg 12
63450/31 WO450 WOODSTUC PINO 0,50 kg 12
63450/32 WO450 WOODSTUC ROVERE 0,50 kg 12
63450/33 WO450 WOODSTUC MOGANO 0,50 kg 12
63450/34 WO450 WOODSTUC NOCE CHIARO 0,50 kg 12
63450/35 WO450 WOODSTUC NOCE SCURO 0,50 kg 12
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