Super Rust Remover is a multi-purpose product with 7 functions: rust remover, protecting, lubricating, water-repellent, anti-freezing, degreasing, dielectric. It is a fluid with strong penetra- ting power. It dissolves rust, encrustations and salt deposits, freeing nuts, screws, bolts, hinges, bearings, locks and all mechanical couplings in a few seconds. It does not attack metals or rubber and performs a useful lubricating and protective action. Super Rust Remover contains no trichlorethylene respecting the environment and the user.

Military specifications: MIL-C-23411 MIL-C-16173- DEF STAN 68-10/2 NATO C-634.

Code Description Pieces
81710/02 SUPERSBLOCCANTE 200 ml 25
81710/04 SUPERSBLOCCANTE 400 ml 12
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