One component, self-expanding polyurethane foam, cured by humidity in the air. Available in traditional spray can or in a can with a special gun. Adheres to commonly used smooth and porous building materials: wood, cement, plaster, metals, plastic (except polythene, Teflon and silicone). Ideal as an adhesive, insulator and sealant: roof tiles, window frames, alcoves, door frames, piping cavities and raceways, heatproof and soundproof linings and coatings, electric boxes etc. The product should always be dispensed with the can upside down. It contains multi-purpose glove for the safe use of the can. Resistant to cold and hot.


Code Description Pieces
68110/75 SP110 SCHIUMA POL. B3 MANUALE 750 ml 12
68111/75 SP110 SCHIUMA POL. B3 PISTOLA 750 ml 12
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