Risamuf is a wide-spectrum restoring and sanitizing product. It was created to sanitize cement products, exposed walls and stone walls, mineral supports in general, wallpaper, painted surfaces, pre-fabricated elements and wood subjected to the action of moisture and mould. Surfaces are sanitized by applying 2 coats, each one at a 24-hour interval. Apply Risamuf on areas adjacent contaminated ones. After 24 hours, we recommend, especially if there is a large amount of mould, to thoroughly clean the area (after the first coat and before the second one) with a cloth or brush that will remove any unwanted efflorescence from the product.Then go ahead with a painting cycle to prevent mould, condensation, algae or fungi from forming again. This means applying a product with Adimuf added to it or applying Atermuf directly. Ventilate rooms while applying Risamuf.

Code Description Pieces
61650/01 RISAMUF 1 lt 12
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