Marking: (Classic and fluorescent colours) Professional marking paint for indoor/outdoor use. Widely used in the building trade, in electric/hydraulic plants and to mark the subsequent laying position of pipes, raceways and electrical systems. Specifically suitable to trace and mark parking areas, concrete sports fields, road/traffic symbols and industrial pavements due to the 360° multi-directional valve that sprays in all directions with great accuracy, even in difficult-toaccess-areas. Providing high level coverage and abrasion resistance, this MARKING SPRAY adheres and is long-lasting on particular materials such as sand, tarmac and snow, as well as on normal surfaces in wood, iron, cement, plaster, cardboard, aluminium, steel, zinc-coated sheets, stone and terracotta. The can is also suitable for use with marking machines due to an appropriate butterfly nozzle. Shake the can for 1-2 minutes before use. The vandalic use of the product implies serious sanctions. Varnish removal: through Acetone and/or Nitrodiluent.

Code Description Pieces
70910/905 MA910 MARCATORE FLUO ARANCIO 500 ml 4
70910/906 MA910 MARCATORE FLUO BLU 500 ml 4
70910/907 MA910 MARCATORE FLUO FUCSIA 500 ml 4
70910/908 MA910 MARCATORE FLUO GIALLO 500 ml 4
70910/910 MA910 MARCATORE FLUO VERDE 500 ml 4
70910/912 MA910 MARCATORE BLU 500 ml 4
70910/913 MA910 MARCATORE GIALLO 500 ml 4
70910/914 MA910 MARCATORE NERO 500 ml 4
70910/915 MA910 MARCATORE ROSSO 500 ml 4
70910/909 MA910 MARCATORE FLUO ROSSO 500 ml 4
70910/911 MA910 MARCATORE BIANCO 500 ml 4
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