Nautical Grease. White lithium grease containing zinc oxide and titanium, specifi- cally for lubricating and protecting all mechanisms subjected to water washout action. A product that is widely used in the marine, automotive and domestic fields. Marine Grease, with its special formulation, has particular properties such as: good stability when exposed to water, excellent corrosion and oxidation protection as well as high load-bearing strength.

Code Description Pieces
83930/125 GN930 GRASSO NAUTICA Tubetto 125 ml 12
83930/50 GN930 GRASSO NAUTICA Cartuccia 500 ml 15
83930/01 GN930 GRASSO NAUTICA 0,9 Kg 12
83930/46 GN930 GRASSO NAUTICA 4,6 Kg 4
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