Multiuse Grease. Stringy grease with a wide range of uses, smooth, shiny appearan- ce and quite adhesive. Ideal for solving lubrication problems on all types of mechanism in the home, in the car and in industry. The use of special synthetic raw materials makes the product highly water-repellent; what is more its good adhesive properties prevent mecha- nical removal of the lubricating parts when operating in the presence of large quantities of water.

Code Description Pieces
83830/50 GM830 GRASSO MILLEUSI Cartuccia 500 ml 15
83830/125 GM830 GRASSO MILLEUSI Tubetto 125 ml 12
83830/01 GM830 GRASSO MILLEUSI 0,90 Kg 12
83830/45 GM830 GRASSO MILLEUSI 4,60 Kg 4
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