Ecogum is a waterproof, resistant, elastomeric liquid sheath that can be painted over. ECOGUM is specifically for protecting and waterproofing roofs, terraces, surfaces in wood-cement-metal, polymeric membranes or aged bituminous surfaces. ECOGUM is applied undiluted by brush, roller or spray to dry, clean, firm surfaces. We advise two coats, each approx. 0.5÷0.8 mm thick. Do not walk on ECOGUM-treated surfaces except for occasional maintenance. We recommend using 1 kg. pure Ecogum per 4/5 sq.m.

Code Description Pieces
60850/05B EC850 ECOGUM bianco 5 lt 1
60850/05G EC850 ECOGUM grigio 5 lt 1
60850/05R EC850 ECOGUM rosso 5 lt 1
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