Stain Covering Spray: A specially formulated paint to cover all types of stains located indoors and outdoors. Recommended for stains caused by nicotine, soot, oil, tomato sauce, red wine, wine vinegar, tea, coffee, lipstick, normal or wax crayons, pencils and wateror solvent-based felt-tip pens. Suitable also as a finishing coat to renew and refresh panels and false ceilings in plaster and cardboard. The 360° multi-directional valve sprays the product in all directions with great accuracy, even in difficult-toaccess- areas. It can be overcoated with the same product whenever required and with other products after a minimum of 24-30 hours. Not overcoatable with bi-component paint.

Code Description Pieces
85610/04 CO610 COPRIMACCHIA 400 ml 6
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