B7550 - BRIKCEM B7


Brikcem B7 is type II Portland limescale white cement with high initial resistant indoors and outdoors. Usually employed on: exposed casts with coloured inert protruding material; fine floors; coloured mortar and concrete; sculptures, benches, flower boxes and vases; cement-based plasters and paint; pre-mixed products; cement-based adhesives; urban furniture elements; elements for road signs; tiles and marmette marble; seals for bathroom fixtures; etc. Pre-mixed product ready for application, you only need to add water. Brikem B7 is constant, stable and by adding pigments, one can create a truly wide range of colours. Its excellent mechanical resistance properties, shrinkage, hydration heat and elastic module smaller than that of grey cement of the same class make it suitable for special uses (floors, artificial stone, adhesives, etc). Coverage 1m² per 1 kg of product with a thickness of 1 mm.

Code Description Pieces
67550/02 B7550 BRIKCEM B7 1 kg 12
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